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Schude Trade Law is committed to successfully and cost-effectively guiding our clients through the complicated enterprises of import, export, and regulatory compliance, as well as government procurement. While helping companies move goods and services across U.S. and foreign borders, we aim to strengthen their market positions by using legal processes to maximize geographic access and minimize tariffs and taxes.


We work with some of the world’s largest multinationals as well as social enterprises and small and mid-sized businesses across sectors, including green and emerging technology, consumer electronics, food and beverages, and industrial equipment. Our goal is to provide exceptional legal and consulting services so that our clients can focus on managing their global operations.


As U.S. trade policy shifts, Schude Trade Law helps clients plan for the future by assessing the implications that these changes have for businesses and their affiliates. We develop and implement international import and export compliance programs with innovative and efficient workflows that add value to bottom lines. Among other services, we also offer trade remedies advocacy; trade and regulatory risk assessment and procedure implementation; border security and supply chain evaluation and strategy; commercial contract, litigation, and dispute resolution; U.S. government procurement; and regulatory corporate compliance, governance, and anti-corruption counsel. We have successfully represented clients before a wide range of government agencies and courts to resolve regulatory matters promptly.


At Schude Trade Law, we prepare businesses to grow in economically and environmentally sustainable ways by helping them think globally as they take action at particular points throughout the world. Our distinguished international network of compliance experts extends to Mexico, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, Australia, and beyond.

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